What is the Holy Bible?

The Bible is a collection of 66 books bound in a single cover. It is the word-of-God revealed to people, and teaches us about God and how we should respond to him.

The Bible contains several forms of writing, including poetry, narration, history, law, and prophecy and must be interpreted in thecontext of these styles.

The first 39 books contain the Old Testament. This is the Bible as Jesus would have known it, and it contains many predictions about the coming of Jesus.

The remaining 27 books form the New Testament and include four accounts of the life of Jesus, written from differing viewpoints, and an account of the spread of the Gospel.

Bible Study

The Holy Bible is the key reference book for Christians. Anyone wanting to understand the Christian faith needs to take part in some organised Bible study, and for that reason we provide a variety of ways in which Bible Study may take place. These include:

        A bible study group