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  J. Aindow

  R. Balshaw


  K. Kemp

  J. S. Rowland



  J. Blackley

  E. W. Browne

  R. J. Corkhill

  R. Formby

  T. Jones

  W. E. Lishman

  C. V. O. McNabb

  S. K. Morrison

  J. E. Mills

  G. Rimmer

  R. N. Steinmann

  C. S. Thomson

  E. Wadsworth

  H. Willacy


Not on Memorial

J B Horsfall (1914-18)

S. S. Shaw (1921)

F. Taylor (1914-18)

C. L. Thomas (1920)

A. D. Fisk (1939-45)

A. N. W. Sykes (1939-45)

P.G.Sykes (1939-45)


At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. Words we say every Remembrance Sunday, but who are we remembering? We have names on our war memorial, but with the passage of time we are in danger of forgetting the people.

Their families, who they were, so much is receding into history. As time goes by memories become more distant and it becomes increasingly difficult to remember the people behind the names. The historians in our congregation accepted a challenge to research the people named on the memorial, and to produce a booklet about them. Two of those historians are now dead themselves - Allan Waplington and Des Wormald. However, other people and families of those on the memorial have provided more information. We are grateful to everyone who has helped, and look forward to receiving more information if anyone can provide it.

Whenever possible a link has been provided to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission casualty database. We are puzzled because not everyone has a database entry - can anyone tell us why?

On the pages of this site we present what has been discovered so far. They do not contain as much personal information as we would like and ask anyone who can help us discover more, or who can provide a photograph of any of the people to contact us.


Families of Servicemen who were killed in World War 1 were given a Memorial Plaque. The plaques, sometimes referred to as a Dead Man's Penny, were individually cast with the name of the serviceman embossed on the right hand side. The plaque shown was awarded to a Formby man, but not someone on our memorial.

The plaques are brass, and very slightly larger in diameter than a CD. They have the following approximate dimensions:

Diameter - 4 3/4 inches (12 cm)

Thickness - 1/8 inch (3 mm)

Weight - 10 3/8 ounces (294 gm)

Memorial Plaque


We thank the people who have provided information for this website, including:

Some families of the men we remember

Brian Brankin
Ian Cameron
Neil Rose
John Rowlands
Allan Waplington
Peter Ware
Des Wormald