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Weekly news letter

The newsletter we publish on this web site is the same as the newsletter available in church.

If you need to make contact please use the Contact us page. Your enquiry will be forwarded to the relevant person.

The newsletters we distribute in church are normally printed on A4 paper, although we are presently using A5 with only two sides. When we use A4 it is folded to form an A5 booklet with four pages. Our web version is four A5 pages that may be printed in booklet form on A4 paper if you have Acrobat 10 or later. It helps if you have a printer capable of two sided printing. The procedure to follow is:

In Adobe Reader select File>Print or click on the printer icon.

Select Booklet Printing.

If you have a duplex printer ensure that it is set up for two sided printing.

If you do not have a duplex printer you will need to print the front side first and then the rear.

We aim to update the newsletter every Saturday. That is because information is on the newsletter for every day from Sunday through to Saturday.

We also provide the newsletters for the past three weeks so that people who have been on holiday may catch up with what has been happening.