Why attend church

It is sometimes argued that it is not necessary to go to Church to be a Christian. We don't agree.

Church is a place where we can meet with other Christians, developing faith together as we hear the scriptures read and receive teaching from a leader. We can join in praise and worship, and we can pray together. In short people attending worship in church can gain mutual support.

However, the main reason we should try to be regular in church attendance is because it is a place where we can worship God and feel His presence among us. Jesus said, "When two or three are gathered together in my name......"

New to church?

We recognise that for many people a church is unknown territory and that entering a church is difficult. If you are unsure about coming into a church building please read on to discover what to expect.

As you prepare to come into church, you may be wondering what to wear. We do not have any form of dress code, so it is your choice.

As you enter the church you should be met by someone we call a sidesperson. Their job is very simple - to welcome people into church, give them any books or other information they need and, if the church is busy, show them to a seat. We do not usually have any reserved seating, so you can sit wherever you want. If you feel unsure about anything please do ask the sidespeople because they are there to help.

Sometimes we get a bit of congestion at the door as people greet each other - please don't be put off by that. We try to be a welcoming community and meeting and greeting is part of that.

If you are very worried about entering a church please contact us and we shall discuss with you what we can do to help you.

We try to help people follow our services by various means

Our objective is to ensure that everyone is able to feel comfortable throughout the service , this enabling them to feel close to God.

We are anxious to welcome children as well as adults. We do not subscribe to the idea that children should be seen and not heard. Rather we know that children will be children. Some of our services are designed to be for people of all ages and on other occasions we give people the option of children going into junior church for all or part of the service.