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St. Luke's parish

St Luke's parish is mostly residential. There are 2,200 homes a few shops, two nursing homes and several schools:

St Luke's primary school,

Woodland's primary school, a state school,

St. Jerome's primary school, a Catholic school.

Range High School, a state school.

There is also St. Jerome's Catholic Church.

The parish is quite prosperous - statistics show that it is actually the "least deprived" parish in the whole of Liverpool diocese. It has excellent schools and many of its people are professionals who travel to Liverpool or elsewhere for employment.

Formby street sceneHousing is quite expensive, so the number of young families in the parish is diminishing. Children attending the schools increasingly come from other parts of Formby or beyond. The picture shows one of the streets in St. Luke's parish.

Throughout the year there are many visitors to the parish. The part of the parish to the west of the church consists first of pinewoods, then open scrub land and finally sand hills and a beach and people like to enjoy that three quarters of a mile wide strip of open country. However, except for a rather expensive car park and a few toilets there are no facilities for visitors.