Ecology and the church

"In the beginning of creation, when God made heaven and earth" are the first few words of the Bible. There follows a description of what God did in creation. The words are in a form that could be understood by many generations, and for whom a more scientific approach, as we now understand creation, would have been meaningless.

21st century science puts forward an hypothesis, and attempts to validate it by experiment. An alternative view of creation is provided, but it does not conflict with scripture.

Scripture tells us what God did, while science attempts to tell how he did it.

God saw that his creation was good, but in many ways people have spoiled it. We all have a responsibility not to harm the environment, and even to improve it when we can.

Several organisations are involved in environmental work in the area around St. Luke's, including the following:

Sefton coastal partnership

English Nature

National Trust

Forestry Commission

Southport Tourism

Sands of Time


Woodland workshop

“All things bright and beautiful………”  And here in our Church Woodland it all comes together.Daffodills

Springtime, Summer sun, golden Autumn, and snowtime in Winter. We see them all in all their glory and contrasts, here in our woodland.  We are so blessed in the place where we live and worship.

Autumn leavesWe have a squirrel reserve at the back of our woodland belonging to our partners on the coast, Sefton coastal partnership logoSefton Coast and Countryside Management Team.  They have been invaluable in their support by providing opportunities for the team to work alongside their regular staff in various projects and  practical help with their workshop facilities.

The Woodland Workshop Team is made up of members of our church (including the Vicar) and other members of the community.  We meet at least once a month and often at other times when special projects are in progress.

It’s a time of fun and fellowship, of learning and doing, of enjoying caring for God’s Creation.

Winter scene

But, sometimes, in Winter, we can’t work and we stop and admire Gods handiwork.

Men at work

There is usually always something to do

Someone to do it

And someone to do it!



There is a path around our woodland known as WIGWAMWAY (Without Invitation God Welcomes All Men, Women, And Youngsters)

Working on Wigwamway


Working on Wigwamway

Pruning branches.

Digging on wigwamway

Or not quite sure!

Sleeping on wigwamway


Sometimes we need a rest!


Some years ago we were presented with an ‘Eco-Congregation Award’ by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt. Revd. James Jones, who himself is very environmentally aware and supportive.   This was for our work in the woodland, in the community and to recognise the church’s involvement and encouragement.  ‘Eco-Congregation’ is organised under the banner of ‘A Roche’, a world-wide Christian environmental organisation. ‘Eco-Congregation’ promotes environmental awareness in churches and the communities surrounding them, encouraging co-operation between various agencies concerned with the environment.

Mersey Forest logoWe are also part of Mersey Forest and as such we enjoy their full co-operation and advice on woodland management.  They also supply us with trees for planting in our own woodland and in the community.  At the moment we are arranging trees from them for our school, St, Luke’s Primary School, on Jubilee Road.

Range LaneOur community involvement has seen us taking part in ‘Merseyfest’ in 2005. With other teams in other parts of Merseyside, we were involved in a general clean-up and in cutting back over-hanging trees to allow the local fire engine to get access to a local reserve in case of a fire. We also organise clean-up projects in the parish, e.g. Range Lane twice.  This involved clearing rubbish, litter, and erecting a direction sign for the Local  Nature Reserve at the top of the lane.