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Main services at St. Luke's

Through each month we offer a variety of services that are designed to meet the needs of everyone. The normal Sunday service pattern is:

  8.30 am 10.30 am 6.30 pm
First Sunday Holy Communion

Family Communion

Second Sunday Holy Communion Baptism/Morning worship
Sunday School*
Third Sunday Holy Communion Holy Communion
Sunday School*
Fourth Sunday Holy Communion Morning Worship
Sunday School*
Fifth Sunday Holy Communion Morning Worship
Sunday School*

* Term time only

We also have a Midweek Holy Communion service at 09.15 on the first Thursday of each month.

That service pattern does vary, especially when there is a special service for some reason, possibly a festival or remembrance. For full details of our services please go to the Church Near You website and follow the link to "Calendar of Events". (We are updating our services on Church Near You)