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Not on Memorial

J B Horsfall (1914-18)

S. S. Shaw (1921)

F. Taylor (1914-18)

C. L. Thomas (1920)

A. D. Fisk (1939-45)

A. N. W. Sykes (1939-45)

P.G.Sykes (1939-45)



John Dean

Memorial stone on family grave
in St. Luke's churchyard

John was a joiner before he enlisted in the Royal Engineers on 15th December 1916. He was then 23 years and 3 months old. John was admitted to the Military Hospital, Gosport, on 7 February 1919 suffering from influenza. His illness became progressively worse, and he died of pneumonia on 13 February 1919. His parents were at his bedside.

John died before WWI formally ended, so he is classified as war dead.

See Commonwealth War Graves Commission website