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Not on Memorial

J B Horsfall (1914-18)

S. S. Shaw (1921)

F. Taylor (1914-18)

C. L. Thomas (1920)

A. D. Fisk (1939-45)

A. N. W. Sykes (1939-45)

P.G.Sykes (1939-45)


Anthony Desmond Fisk , B.A., M.B., B.Chir. (Cantab)

Family memorial stone in our churchyard

Captain Anthony Desmond Fisk R.A.M.C was killed in action on 25th July 1944, age 29, and is buried in Ranville Cemetery in Normandy. Anthony was the son of Anthony Alan (1884-1956) and Margaret Mary Fisk (1877-1968), of Birkenhead. He was the husband of Daphne Margaret Fisk, of Oxton, Birkenhead.



Anthony's name does not appear on the war memorial in church, but we have found him mentioned on a memorial stone in our churchyard. Perhaps he is not mentioned on the war memorial because his family were not residents of St. Luke's parish. If you are able to give us any more information, please contact us.